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Raquel1La galleria Italia is an online Italian art gallery & boutique of fashion & style, jewelry, travel, art, music, cinema, ceramics and home decor.

The Art:  Temporary and Permanent Collections

The galleria has over a hundred works of art drawn from four artists displayed in their own exhibition space.  These spaces are dedicated to temporary (Linda Paul-American) and permanent collections (Raquel Sarangello, Edyta Kowalska, and Rosanna Krolik-European).  To own a piece of Tuscan art is more than an investment of good taste.  It is a constant reminder of a place where nature thrives in peace in a world where beautiful things still exist.


The gallery featured a series of temporary and permanent exhibitions, each the result of a new and emerging European artist which has since exclusively gone online. The events in their conception, acted as echoes, versions and counterpoints to each collection.

After the gallery launched originally in Madrid, NM, the first exhibition of the 2012 season was with Raquel Sarangello of Buenos Aires, Argentina on 7 October through 14 October.  Her second exhibition was 4 May through 19 May, 2013 with her Tango Art Series.  Passion and love.

Current Exhibition

Italy Series: Raquel Sarangello-Argentina

06-05-2015 to Permanent   









Past Exhibitions:

Expressive Colorful Figurative Art: Raquel Sarangello-Argentina

10-6-2012 to 10-14-2012; Oils on Canvas, Carton &Toalla


Tango Art Exhibition: Raquel Sarangello-Argentina

05-2013; India Ink & Oil and Ink Graphics.

TE 54-02324-422498

The solo Exhibitions with Raquel Sarangello were held in the Fall of 2012 and Spring of 2013, both were a success.  Eight of her paintings were sold.


Landscapes/Oils on Canvas: Rosanna Krolik-Moldavia & Italy  TBD


Nature/Oils on Canvas:  Edyta Kowalska-Poland  TBD


Rosanna, Edyta, and Raquels‘ work permanently displayed in La Mucchia Casa Vacanze, a luxury farmhouse Art Gallery in Cortona, Tuscany, Italy.

Tel.: +39 0575 60 48 05, +39 0575 613733
Office/Fax: +39 0575 67 59 9
Mobile: +39 335 80 97 912







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